Apple iPad Case Keyboard Buying Guide – What You Need To Know

Apple iPad Case Keyboard Buying GuideOut iPad Case Keyboard Buying Guide will give you the most important factors to take into account when choosing an iPad keyboard case. Once you know what to look for, be sure to read some of the reviews to help you find the Best iPad Case Keyboard.

Keyboard Layout

The layout of the keyboard is one of the most important factors in your typing experience. Since iPad keyboards are smaller than full size keyboards, the number and the location of the keys can vary. Does the keyboard have a standard layout, or a non-standard layout? Does it have a full set of rows, or are some rows combined requiring a function key to activate? Are the most common keys in their standard position, or have some been moved elsewhere? Always make sure that you view a full image of the keyboard so that you can see exactly where all the keys are.

Keyboard Keys

The size, spacing, and quality of the keys are also an important factor when choosing an iPad keyboard. Are the keys big enough, and spaced far enough apart so that you can type fast and efficiently? How do the keys feel, and do they offer good feedback? Are the keys mechanical keys, or the lower quality membrane keys?

Special Functions

Most iPad keyboards come with special function keys that directly control your iPad. Examples include keys that adjust the iPad volume, control media playback, activate Siri, go to your home screen, show the onscreen keyboard, or even provide cut, copy, and paste functions.

Weight & Bulk

The type of iPad case often is the biggest factor in its weight and bulk. Folio cases tend to be thin and light, while laptop style cases tend to be thicker and heavier. Keyboard stands are also thin and light, but only protect the screen of the iPad, not the back.


How well does the case protect your iPad? Some iPad cases offer great protection, but at the cost of extra weight and bulk. Other cases offer less protection, but make up for it by being much thinner and lighter.


If your going to be with your iPad every day, you better like how it looks! How does it look when it is opened, closed, and in tablet mode? The case type, color, materials, size and bulk all play a role in the aesthetics of your iPad keyboard case.

Viewing Angles

How many viewing angles does the iPad keyboard case provide? Some cases only offer a single viewing angle, while others offer additional viewing angles. Most laptop style cases offer unlimited viewing angles, since the case uses a hinge mechanism.

Wake & Sleep

Does the iPad automatically wake and sleep when the cover is opened or closed? Does the keyboard automatically wake and sleep with the cover? Or do you manually have to power on and off the keyboard? How long does it take the keyboard to wake up – is it instant or do you need to wait?

Tablet Mode

How easy is it to use your iPad when the keyboard is not in use? Some iPad cases specifically design for this, and provide an elegant method to use your iPad with the keyboard out of the way. With other iPad cases, the keyboard can really get in the way of your normal iPad use. Make sure you view the case in tablet mode so you can judge how easy it is to use when the keyboard is not needed.


All iPad keyboard cases support the landscape orientation, but only a few support the portrait orientation. If you are using a keyboard stand, then it will work in both orientations, since the iPad can be placed in the slot either way. Most other cases, however, only work in the landscape orientation – but there are some exceptions which also work in the portrait orientation.


Battery life is usually not a issue since most iPad keyboards work for weeks at a time on a single charge. But you may still want to evaluate factors such as how quickly it charges, how long the battery lasts, and the charging cables provided. At least one brand offers a solar charger that charges your keyboard using ambient light.


  • How much does it cost?
  • Is it stable is the case when typing?
  • How easy is it to remove the keyboard from the case?
  • Is the keyboard detachable?
  • Does the keyboard have back lighting?

Final Words

If you have read our iPad Case Keyboard Buying Guide and still need to find out more information, take a look at our guide on the different styles of iPad Case Keyboards.