Favormates iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Case Combo

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A fantastic ipad Pro 10.5 keyboard case combo can turn a good iPad into a remarkable laptop or tablet replacement. iPad Pro 10.5 provides all the tremendous features and function you would expect from the Pro model with the Smart Connector, latest processor, Apple Pencil compatibility and even an excellent slim metal build. However, putting some form of protection on your iPad is typically an excellent idea.

There are numerous keyboard cases available which not only gives you the best typing experience but also gives better protection to your device. We have provided a detailed review of Favormates iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Case.

Product Description

The Favormates iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Case combines the protection of the tablet case, and laptop styled keyboard. The case offers an all-around protection for the iPad, and the keyboard designed with a same number of keys just as the MacBook – hence allowing you to type faster and more precisely.

The impressive part about this keyboard case is that it features an ultra-slim and lightweight design which makes it easier to take it with you on the travel or even work. You can tilt the keyboard case up to 130 degrees – this allows you to find the best viewing angle that meets your visual needs; whether you want to watch a movie or even play games.

The Favormates iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Case also features a constant Bluetooth connection – you only need to press “fn and C at the same time to open the Bluetooth, and you will see a blue flash. Additionally, it has an intelligent switch on/off which automatically wakes up and enters your iPad to sleep mode when you open and close the keyboard case respectively. This way, you tend to preserve the battery life.

The case is built of durable cover with aluminum alloy base thus ensuring the safety of your iPad against scratches and bumps. The cover of this case is uniquely molded to securely hold your iPad without inhibiting the use of any its features such as camera and volume speaker. The pop-out at the case bottom allows you to charge your iPad without having to remove it from its protective shell.

The lithium ion battery features a remarkable battery life which can last up to 120 hours of continuous use and up to 330 days of standby time. You easily recharge the battery using the included micro USB cable.

Product Features

  • Seven color backlight and three modes brightness settings
  • Robust aluminum structure offers protection to your device from scratches and bumps
  • Multi-viewing angles up to 130 degrees
  • Steady Bluetooth connection
  • Intelligent switch on/off helps save the battery life
  • Cut-outs allows maximum use of camera and volume speaker
  • Measures 9.9 x 7.3 x 0.6-inches
  • Weighs only 1.3 pounds


  • It is durable.
  • The keyboard case is inexpensive.
  • It is versatile and portable.
  • It has an amazing battery life.
  • It offers you fast and accurate typing experience, thanks to its iOS shortcuts.
  • It looks astonishing.


  • The case is a bit heavy.


The Favormates iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Case is the best buy for those looking for an inexpensive yet durable keyboard case for their iPad Pro 10.5. This keyboard case features a very long battery life which allows you to enjoy its continuous use for an extended period. And Bluetooth keyboard, this does quite well at a reasonable price. For sure, this keyboard case is worth considering.

Favormates iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Case









  • Seven color backlight and three modes brightness settings
  • Steady Bluetooth connection
  • Intelligent switch on/off


  • The case is heavier than most

13 thoughts on “Favormates iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Case Combo Review”

  1. USB cable did not work for charging luckily I had another one. Does not sync with Ipad pro I have basically a POS will return this item

    1. Hi Mike. It’s always disappointing when a product you have purchased in good faith does not perform as expected. Hopefully this is just a “one off” problem product. If not, I’m sure your experience will greatly help others who may be considering purchasing this keyboard case. Thanks very much for your feedback.

      1. Tami Hollingsworth-Dowd

        my brand new yekebee is typing numbers in some keys e.g. d,s,a type as the number 3. this is a brand new 360x and brand new ipad. Any suggestions?

  2. I’m surprised you’ve given the product such a great review…the case is great while the keyboard not so much. I’ve been typing for 45 years and when you move just one key on a keyboard it’s a problem…the shift key on the right side of the keyboard has been moved or split I should say. Unless you concentrate and remember to move your finger to the shortened position on the keyboard you hit the “page up” key and end up typing in the middle of the document somewhere. There is plenty of room between the top of the keyboard and the lid hinge to have expanded the keyboard to avoid this problem. The Zagg keyboard is a perfect example. One would almost think the keyboard was developed by a 2 finger typer…

    1. I have to agree with you. However, any add-on keyboard for an iPad is going to be a compromise. Some models of keyboard case work better than others but tend to add bulk and weight.

    1. Hi, normally it’s very easy to pair your keyboard with your iPad pro and you shouldn’t have to pair them every time. Once connected, the keyboard should connect to your iPad automatically when you open the case.
      I assume you have checked Bluetooth on the iPad. The keyboard should then be very easy to pair, just press the button combination Fn and C.

  3. My fairly new keyboard loses letters – like the ‘o’ and the backspace…. It is fully charged. Thoughts?

    1. The first thing I would check is to make sure there are no particles of dust etc. under the keys. There is no real reason for only a couple of keys to fail as this has not been reported as a problem with this particular keyboard case.

  4. I have frequent issues with losing letters as I type. The “E” key for sure as well as others. I do not think there is dirt under the keys. I am disappointed with this keyboard as a result of losing letters as I type.

  5. I spilled something on the keyboard and a few keys won’t work correctly. I have let it dry out overnight but it still offers issues. Anything else I caould try?

    I have loved this keyboard, it pairs well, works well and is sturdy. It protects the I pad fabulously and looks good too.


    1. Liquids and keyboards don’t go well together. Maybe if you place the keyboard in a sealed plastic bag with some rice for a day or so. This may work but in the longer term you may still have problems.

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