HDE iPad Mini 1 2 3 Shockproof Bumper Case for Kids

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Are you looking for the best iPad keyboard case for school? Then you’re in the right place. If you have got an active kid, then keeping with the electronics for your school-age kid can be a bit expensive. That’s why you need a case protector and the HDE iPad Mini 1 2 3 Bumper Case for Kids is perfect for the job.

Product Description

Just as its name suggests, the HDE iPad Mini 1 2 3 Shockproof Bumper Case for Kids is only compatible with iPad Mini 1, 2, and 3. Therefore, if you have iPad Mini 4, iPad Air or iPad Pro 9.7, you should know that the HDE iPad case will not be able to accommodate your device. This is something you should take note of right from the beginning to avoid any uncertainties later on.

This case is made of non-toxic and heavy-duty EVA foam which protects the tablet from hard falls. It also offers a non-slip grip that helps minimize any accidental drops. The corners have double-thick padding for superior protection. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it perfect for your kid taking to school. Not to mention the integrated screen protector will leave your kid’s iPad tablet screen free-of-cracks.

It is quite fashionable as well. the HDE iPad case comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the right one that matches the personality of your little angel. The foldable handle is incredible and durable and makes it pretty easy to travel. At the same time it doubles as the kickstand which improves the typing angle and media viewing.

Product Features

  • Durable, rubberized, non-toxic and chemical free EVA foam cushioning for great shock-proof protection
  • Sturdy bumper completely covers the back of your tablet
  • Raised bezels around the edges of the case protect the display from facing hard falls or any other impact
  • Large handle provides comfortable one-handed grip for easy carry and transportation
  • Made of robust and lightweight, kid-safe and child-friendly EVA foam
  • The handle folds up to 90-degrees for improved typing angle or watching movies/TV shows/music
  • Compatible with Apple iPad Mini (Models A1432, A1454, and A1455), iPad Mini 3 (Models A1599 and A1600), and iPad Mini 2 (Models A1489 and A1490)
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from; blue, green, red, purple, pink, orange, black, and more


  • The case is quite inexpensive.
  • The screen protector is exceptional for little fingers.
  • It is sturdy and has an incredible handle.
  • The case is lightweight and really good quality.
  • Comes in different colors such as black, blue, green, purple, red, hot pink, and more!
  • The screen is very clean and doesn’t interfere with the iPad usage.


  • Not compatible with iPad Mini 4 and iPad 1,2,3,4.
  • Screen protector develops small air bubbles.


The HDE iPad Mini 1 2 3 Shockproof Bumper Case for Kids is a great choice for those looking for great iPad case for kindergarten at an affordable price. This iPad cover comes with a handle, which also serves as the stand, and has cutouts which offer full usage of the power and volume buttons.

Overall, it is the best iPad keyboard case for school – it’s worth every penny.

HDE iPad Mini 123 Shockproof Bumper Case for Kids


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  • Lightweight and good quality
  • Sturdy with an incredible handle
  • Quite inexpensive


  • Not compatible with iPad Mini 4
  • Screen protector develops small air bubbles