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August 14, 2017
Satechi BT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

Satechi BT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

Product Description I was searching for a Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker for my iPad and came upon what I consider a gem, the Satechi BT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Sure, they are not perfect, there are a few things they could have done better, but the amazing sound you get (plus other features) from this Bluetooth speaker you can literally hold in the palm of your hand, is amazing. Pros First, the good features I found on the Satechi Bluetooth speaker. Surprisingly good volume, sound quality and bass for its tiny size. Its sound fills an average sized room. The top screws and pops open for extra bass. Bluetooth needs only pair once. Like most Bluetooth device, the Satechi Bluetooth Speaker’s will remember devices it […]
November 6, 2016
Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil For iPad Pro – How To Charge And Setup

The Apple Pencil for the Apple iPad Pro makes this elegant and professional tablet much more usable. The iPad Pro is perhaps the best tablet manufactured by Apple so far. However, because of its large screen, it is some times difficult to use your finger or fingers to perform many of the more common actions. This is when the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro becomes an essential productivity accessory. It works almost like a magic wand that perfectly complements your iPad Pro. It was first introduced at an additional cost, which resulted in everybody criticizing Apple as most people expected that the Pencil should be bundled with the iPad Pro. However, having evaluated its performance, most Apple Pencil users are now convinced that its price […]