iPad Case Keyboard Advice

August 14, 2017
iPad Cases And Covers - 7 Types To Choose From

iPad Cases And Covers – 7 Types To Choose From

What Are The Different Types Of  iPad Cases And Covers? It is hard to believe that it has been several years since the iPad came on the market. Already there are thousands of iPad accessories that have already established themselves on the market in the short space of time. The most popular of these accessories iPad cases and covers. These case accessories for the iPad outsell all other accessories and they are simply used to store, protect, beautify and transport the tablet PC. There are basically 7 Types Of iPad Cases And Covers to suit every mood, requirement and preference. Leather iPad case iPad hard case Wooden iPad case iPad case with keyboard iPad stand case iPad skins iPad sleeve case Leather iPad Case piel-frama-leather-case-magnetic-closure-2As […]
November 6, 2016
Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil For iPad Pro – How To Charge And Setup

The Apple Pencil for the Apple iPad Pro makes this elegant and professional tablet much more usable. The iPad Pro is perhaps the best tablet manufactured by Apple so far. However, because of its large screen, it is some times difficult to use your finger or fingers to perform many of the more common actions. This is when the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro becomes an essential productivity accessory. It works almost like a magic wand that perfectly complements your iPad Pro. It was first introduced at an additional cost, which resulted in everybody criticizing Apple as most people expected that the Pencil should be bundled with the iPad Pro. However, having evaluated its performance, most Apple Pencil users are now convinced that its price […]
September 8, 2016
iPad Air iWork

Do You Need an iPad Air Keyboard?

When the iPad first released several years ago, it was made to mainly be a media consumption device with a sprinkle of productivity. As users would soon find out, having a software keyboard was a pain for two main reasons: tactile feel and screen real estate. While it’s extremely convenient in terms of size and weight to have as little moving parts as possible, an iPad Air keyboard is becoming a necessity for some users. This fact is further exacerbated by Apple’s push towards their productivity suite called iWork, which includes a word processor, presentation creator, and a spreadsheet app that require a lot of typing. iWork productivity suite If you plan on making heavy use of Numbers, the spreadsheet app that’s apart of the […]
June 7, 2016
Which iPad Case Keyboard

Which iPad Case Keyboard Is Best For You?

With the availability of Microsoft Office for iPad, the Apple iPad has become a laptop replacement for a growing number of people. So, which iPad Case Keyboard is best for you? Do I Need A Case With Keyboard For My iPad? Although you don’t need a keyboard for your iPad, for a serious typing session, an external keyboard is a distinct advantage. It gives you the advantage of having real keys without losing the iPad’s portability and touchscreen. Or, if you just can’t get used to the iPad’s onscreen keyboard, or you find it takes up too much screen space, then you could benefit from an external keyboard. Which iPad Case Keyboard Is Best For You? You could use a regular Bluetooth keyboard with your […]