Yekbee iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018

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If you are looking to invest in a Bluetooth keyboard case for your iPad, then you will find this article review very helpful. Below, we have reviewed the Yekbee iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018, one of the Best iPad Keyboard Case for School available. It will work effectively with your Apple iPad 2018, iPad 2017, iPad Air 2, or Air 1.

(6th Gen) – iPad 2017 (5th Gen) – iPad Pro 9.7 – iPad Air 2 & 1

Product Description

This Bluetooth iPad keyboard case by YEKBEE allows you to conveniently type or view videos on-the-go while guarding your tablet against accidental drops or even scratches. The case provides numerous viewing angles, thanks to its 360-degree rotatable feature. This means you can use your iPad in both portrait and landscape orientation.

The hard case offers decent protection to your iPad. Besides that, it can be effortlessly detached from the keyboard for standalone usage. It features durable polycarbonate shell and shock-resistant corners, which ensures the safety of your iPad against any hard falls, scratches, and spills. The reinforced aluminium hinge is very robust, and you can adjust the device in any angle to find the one which suits you best.

Another main attraction of this keyboard case is the backlit keys. The 7-color backlit keyboard comes with three brightness levels, which are remarkably handy when working in low light conditions. Your tablet’s auto sleep/wake feature also works nicely with this case, which allows extending the battery life.

This comfortable YEKBEE iPad Keyboard Case for iPad provides a more natural way to type, viewing, reading, presenting, and watching your favorite shows or movies. The edge-to-edge design of well-spaced keys provides laptop-like typing, hence ensuring optimal typing. The keyboard case is both stylish and functional. It looks as premium as the iPad itself and comes in three matching colors to choose from.

Product Features

  • Specially moulded for the latest 2018 Apple iPad 6, 2017 iPad 5, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2, and Air
  • Rotates 360-degrees in the keyboard case for flexible portrait and landscape viewing
  • The auto sleep/wake function protects and conserves the battery life
  • The combination of durable polycarbonate shell, reinforced aluminium hinge, and shockproof corners provides smart protection for your iPad
  • Easy access to all the features and controls – perfect cutouts for camera, speaker, and other ports
  • The LED lighted keyboard case and included USB charger allows you have got a secure wi-fi connection
  • The case is ultra-thin, lightweight, and incredibly portable
  • Comes covered with one-year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support
  • Available in three different colors; black, gold, and rose


  • The case is well-made and is of excellent quality.
  • It is rigid and very sturdy.
  • It features a compact and portable design and is incredibly lightweight.
  • The auto sleep/wake function is exceptional.
  • With the 360-degrees feature, you can adjust your tablet to find the best angle for you.
  • The backlit keys are very handy, especially in low-light environments.
  • It comes backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The lifetime technical support is quite helpful.


  • It is a bit expensive compared to the iPad keyboard cases.
  • The Bluetooth connection is a bit slow.


The Yekbee iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 is outstanding. It fits snugly on the tablet, and the finish is top-notch. Additionally, all the hole cutouts are in the correct place. Not to mention it pairs easily with your iPad using the Bluetooth. It is perfect for students who would like to use their iPad as a mini laptop.

Yekbee iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018


iPad protection


Additional weight


iPad fit



  • Rigid and very sturdy
  • Compact and portable
  • Auto sleep/wake function


  • A bit expensive compared
  • Bluetooth connection is a bit slow

13 thoughts on “Yekbee iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 Review”

  1. John deChadenedes

    I bought a Yekbee 360 iPad case and it began to fail after one month. First the space bar wouldn’t work, then other keys failed.I found out I could not get a replacement thriugh Amazon, for some reason. I tried to get in touch with the manufacturer by phone and email but never heard back from them. I would not recommend this product and the “world-class customer service” touted on Yekbee’s website appears to be a fairy tale.

    1. It is always so disappointing to hear stories of not just failed hardware but also lack of customer support from the manufacturer. I would try Amazon again to help you get a response from the manufacturer. At the end of the day, you have been supplied with a product that is not of merchantable quality.

    2. Having issues with the yekbee ipad keyboard case. Some keys does not work and some, when I press do something different to what the key corresponds. For instance, the delete key does not work. It does not do anything. When I press the number 2 key, the brightness of the screen decreases. If I press the actual key that should be used to decrease brightness, nothing happens. The letter L key does not work either. Something is wrong. I do not know if it is a setting that is wrong or that the keyboard has a glitch. Can anyone give me suggestions?THANKS!!!!

      1. Could it be something as simple as one of the FN, CTRL, ALT or CMD keys is stuck down?
        The other option is to do what Robert Toner below did and go straight to Yekbee customer service. They have quite a good reputation.

  2. I had some problems with long lag from pushing each key down and holding a split second to register on the screen. the right shift key was small and placed strangely. I wrote to Yekbee and with no hesitation they said they would send me the newest model that has addressed the lag problem, made the shift key larger and in the right place and now comes with ten back light key colors. They didn’t won’ the one I had back and shipped to it the next day. Customer service was wonderful. did this directly with Yekbee and not through Amazon all though they were.following this closely I later. found out. loved the first one can’t wait to get my hands on the updated one

  3. I received my 360X keyboard for my iPad as a Christmas present. A couple of keys weren’t working. I called Amazon and they sent me a replacement — that very day! Unfortunately, a few months later more keys on the replacement keyboard are also not working. I called Amazon again. They said they couldn’t give me another replacement but will refund the purchase price when I send it back. Still need an iPad keyboard. Anyone have a suggestion?

  4. I got a Yekbee keypad. If I turn it of and back on the keyboard will light briefly, otherwise it doesn’t light up.

  5. Within a few months of use, the keyboard breaks away from the case. I purchased 15 cases 6 months ago; I have returned close to 1/2 of the order already

  6. I am trying to be verrrrrry patient here. I bought the 360 Keyboard for my iPad 6th generation 9.7”. I ordered the blue, and I was jazzed because I own the ZAGG keyboard for my older iPad mini, original, and the backlit were a Godsend when camping and not having enough light sometimes. (Backlit keys eliminate the need for light that attracts bugs galore)

    Well, first thing I notice is that I cannot, for the life of me, get the backlit keys to work. When I initially turn the keyboard on, they backlight up with blue. Cool. Great. Then it disappears. But the fun stops right there. Nowhere can I find the buttons that turn the backlight keys on, not the color or light keys at the top. On other demo videos there is a lightbulb key on the bottom, which my keyboard surely does not have.

    Another wonderous, if not confusing, is how I managed to receive a keyboard of snow white keys. ?

    And when I press on the command key, two grey notices of shortcuts appear on the screen, overlapping each other so that the larger screen behind it cannot be read, and if I try to press it with my fingers, it disappears LOL.



    I only just opened the bleepin’ box, too, and I was sooooo excited to get a case for my replacement iPad 2018.

    Well, it certainly would appear I will be doing the “Disappointment Email Tag” game tomorrow.


    1. Hi, the keyboard should have been delivered with a USB Micro cable. If not, it is just a standard connection and you can purchase an OEM cable.

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